Pampers Gifts To Grow Points

Pampers Gifts to grow points is a program that enables you to get exciting rewards every time you purchase wipes, training pants or Pampers diapers for your baby. The baby healthcare experts advise that diapers should be changed as often as possible when they have become wet or when they have been soiled. Within the first two, three or four months after delivery, you may even be required to change the diapers up to more than 10 times in one day.

To take advantage of the Pampers Gifts to grow points you first need to collect the codes from all the purchases of Pampers. So as to see the points that have added in to your account after the purchase, you must sign up with the official Pampers website Signing up is very easy. You are just required to enter your email address, re-enter it again so as to confirm; your first name; last name; and the screen name. You will also be required to enter your date of birth and choose some two random security questions. If you so wish, you can enter mobile contacts.

To sign up for the Pampers Gifts to grow points, you are also required to provide your address with details such as street address 1 (you can also enter the optional street address 2), your city, state and Zip code. For the non-US residents, the registration process is almost the same as above but you need to register your regional website. For example, Canadians should enter their registration details at After creating your account, you can sign up for newsletters and email alerts.

Here’s The Latest Pampers Gifts To Grow Points Codes
CONGRATS2NEWMOM – 10 Points Free
FBFADX4WKHU4712 – 10 GTG Points
CABRANDSVRJUN12 – 10 Points using this code

After creating the account, you need to enter the codes that are printed on the diapers that you have purchased. You can do this at the website, through any mobile application or through your mobile phone. At the website, there is an entry with the terms “enter 15-digit code here”. This is where you should enter the code that is imprinted on the diapers that you have purchased. On any mobile app such as tablet or phone, you should enter the code at the Quick Code Entry app. On your mobile phone, you should text the code on the diapers that you have purchased to 726777 (PAMPRS)*

After successful registration, the points for the items can be redeemed in the catalog of gifts to grow rewards. The program of Pampers Gifts to grow points is ongoing this year (2012) and it will be so even next year. Due to public demand, it has been extended up to December 31, 2013.