Les Schwab Brake Coupon

Les-Schwab-Brake-CouponThere are several surprises awaiting those who would use a Les Schwab break coupon because while most car shop will only replace the disc pads and the brake shoes the guys at les Schwab want to be able to guarantee you that the brakes will work flawlessly when you need them. So the services they provide might take a couple of minutes more but given the great customer service that they have going on you won’t even feel the passage of those minutes. And during that time the entire break system will be checked from pedal to, hand brake to disk pads in order to make sure everything is OK. And the entire cost is actually covered.

So if you were to use a LS talon to adjust your front brake system than besides the front disc pads also the entire caliper would be replaced. Because it doesn’t really matter how good or old you brake pads might be if they cannot grip the brake disk properly, or even worst case scenario where just one of the grips and doesn’t want to let go. You will be doing drifts like in the movies except with less than extraordinary visual effects. There is also another aspect you may have noticed as you changed your disc pads in the past: for the first hundred or so miles the breaks don’t really stop like you would want them too. That is because the disc pads and the break disk have not adjusted to each other’s micro grooves. Well, using a tires coupon you are certain that your brakes will have a perfect grip from the first moment you touch the brake pedal because they machine brake rotors and drums.

However using a Les Schwab brake voucher for your rear brakes can be just as an extraordinary experience as adjusting the front brakes can be. Not only to they use the best quality brake shoes to replace your old ones but they also resurface the drums. This is the equivalent of machine braking rotors and drums but this time instead of adapting the brake shoes to the drums they resurface the drums perfectly and again you will have full contact between the shoes. Also there are a series of springs that need to pull the brake shoes back from the drum surface as you ease of the brakes. However the constant high temperatures generated from slowing a 1 ton car from 100 miles per hour usually easily corrode those springs and they lose their elasticity. That is why replacing them is another important aspect in replacing the breaks and which again is covered.

Last but not least using a LSB coupon for either your front or rear brakes will mean that they will bleed and adjust the entire system. That might not sound as much but it is a job most car shops fear to tackle because it is not something you get to see as changed. But in fact it is the fluid that transmits the energy from the brake pedal to the braking system and the better that flows the stronger the grip on your brakes will be. So we hope you will enjoy your LSB voucher experience and we are sure you will notice the difference in braking power and speed you will get from a professional and dedicated staff.